Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What I did on Monday

Monday was a good day,so I thought, "HEY, let's post about it!"

Had a good night of sleep, woke up without an alarm and in time for some morning cuddles with Cara, then it was off to work.

Staff meeting included our 2 Assistant directors of camp, who are awesome folks, and fun to be around. I appreciate, with the interim pastor, his focus on prayer. We actually spend time praying for needs in our church, and seeing answers.Brief time of comparing notes from Sunday and what is ahead this week, then I was off to work on camp messages...time is closing fast and much needs to get done...

Detour(welcome to my world), end up cleaning up classrooms and the gym so they are usable, so it is around 11:00 before I get out of office. Hung out at Wendy's for lunch and got a BUNCH of ideas, 3 out of 4 messages now have a theme. I am STOKED!

Going to follow and Indiana Jones type idea and have puzzles and challenges to open the message and the conclusion of those points to a key word and teaching point in the message which will direct us to the Bible to discover what truth the kids can apply to their lives.I found a hat that is close, but need to find the whip...not sure that advertising in the church bulletin would be a good thing..."wanted for kids camp 1 bullwhip." :) :)

Back to the office to do phone calls and interview a camp staff person. Seems like another gooder, so our staffing is coming along good.

Cara calls me and tells me she has mowed the lawn, man was that a blessing! Figured I would have to do it at 9 at night when I got home as there wouldn't be time this week for it. I really feel loved when she does stuff like that. Acts of service is definitely my love language(if you don't know what I mean you need to read Gary Chapman's book The 5 love languages, a great read to help you know how to best love ANYone you are in a relationship with.)

Then it was off to Kung Fu. In a couple weeks I test for my first sash, which will be good, but I am hitting a wall in that there is some stuff I have done and know, but tweaking it to be just right is making my brain block so I am stalling on stuff. Stalling is deadly, you don't go with the flow of it, you end up getting socked in the head or ribs or something when you do the technique with a partner. Fortunately we don't do that much partner stuff at this level, it is just annoying as I want it to be smooth come the testing. Otherwise it is still really enjoyable and a good way to start the week off.

After that a quick shower and then watching a show I am currently addicted to-Jon and Kate plus 8

It is the daily adventures of a family who, through fertility treatments, ended up with twins, and then later sextuplets. The kids are soooooo cute, and they are quite entertaining. He is laid back, calm, faithful dad. She is,at times a high strung, ultra organized, sometimes controlling-but hey wouldn't you need to be with 8 kids- personality. Not sure if it is the cute kids, the fact it is reassuring to see another family deal with daily chaos to make my world feel better, or what, but what a fun show!

Went to bed waaaay too late but it was a fun, productive, positive day, a day worth making note of!


Janet said...

I wish we could get that show on our channels. I would love to see it.

And what a GREAT idea, the Indy one. The kids will LOVE that. A whip can come in veeeery handy......

Anonymous said...

Never heard of the show...oh! I know why-satellite.

What a good wife - mowing the lawn for you. Good girl Cara! mum

chicki-poo said...

yeah i love him enough to mow...wow to me... hee hee

we have definately found the show to be an addiction... and maybe a bit scary at the idea of our unknowns... possible multiples from China.... plus our African American child first... it will be a full house with just the two never mind multiple options... i sometimes wonder if randy has a deep wish for child chaos to reign in our home... hee hee... you should see his sparkle in his eyes when he watches the 8 of those kids... most dads would be grabbing the remote to turn the channel quick as lightening. not my man... addiction to chaos... that is what i am beginning to believe.