Friday, August 13, 2010

Looking to the Fall

My girls!

Well summer is flying by. Taking a group of youth down to the Mustard Seed this next week, then back and buckle down for a few weeks to try to get things ready for the Fall, there are classrooms to organize, items to fix, supplies to restock, cleaning to happen. Schedules to plan and publish, teachers to recruit, materials to customize, teachings to plan, sermons to present, meetings to plan and attend, and then bring on the kids(and parents). Excited about Fall ministry, and excited that it could be interrupted with China planning!

Magic stuff is going well I have some new stuff I need to perfect, but think they will become fast favorites of mine and my audiences, they just "feel right". Enjoying the magicians on Americas Got Talent, good stuff from good guys(I know of all of them and have even had some conversations with one of them). It is good for magic in general when good magicians are seen.

Got a couple shows this month and a(personal) birthday coming which means I will be hunting for some new magic(I am looking for bigger show closer type tricks now as I have lots of other stuff for my shows).Fun stuff.

We are also welcoming on a new staff member at the end of the month, which is exciting, so it seems busy and exciting will be buzz words for a while around these parts :) !

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