Monday, October 30, 2006


Well, in a short time(hey, us china adopter rarely get to say "short time" so I get more enjoyment out of that epxression than it should...but I digress) ...

We will begin a serious hunt for baby bed, dresser and toy box options, along with entertainment center. We have a crib, but in the effort to make it so we actually have room to get into our room, we need a smaller option because we are going to start with baby in the room with us, until enough bonding and attaching has happened that we can start to transition her to her own room.

The reason I said “short time”(man I like that expression) is that we have the chance in a short time, to go shopping in a place that has some more options that our current location, and we want to take advantage of that.

Winter is practically here, spent the last 2 plus days with a shovel bonded to my hands, so thoughts are turning inwards and so baby room again becomes the place of thoughts, talks and subtle longing stares. It will be nice to get some of these material things in place as we wait.

In a short time, we will have gone through another month of being LID, another month gone, another month closer. How close? Who knows, it is impossible to nail any pattern down at this point, anyone who tries will find that in a short time they will be insane.

In unrelated to adoption news…in a short time I will receive some new props I have ordered to being practicing some new tricks to perform at camp or other venues. I had the chance to perform at the Alliance church at their pumpkin patch party on Friday and it was nice to dust off some of the props and perform, it has been a long time since I have done a regular show, it was nice. I love performing. I was a little rusty with my audience management skills(hard to grab all their attention at the start, partially due to the sound guy not having the mic done properly despite a sound test, along with the fact it seemed like there were a ton of under 3 year olds around, oh well, it took a bit but got them hooked). Trick wise, it took only a short time of practice to remember some of my old favorites, tricks I have performed hundreds of times, it was great to share that with the large crowd there. Looking forward to developing these new tricks into some new favorites.

In a (relatively) short time, I look forward to getting my little girl involved in my act(if she is thusly inclined, and I haven’t driven her nuts with asking her to watch me try out a new trick on her by then J).

Well, in this short time of writing I have recalled some more things I need to add to my to do list for this week, and although it is Monday, time flies and I don’t want to be short time by the end, and maybe get the list done this week…or maybe not, heh, time will tell!

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mum said...

Thought it should be your mother who should comment on this posting, because in a 'short time' it will be archived under October stuff and no one will read it for a 'long time'. So then in a 'short time' it will be forgotten and all things considered - will be counted as history. Love that this 'short time' became a reality and I was blessed to have you stay with me albeit for a 'short time'. Love and hugs.