Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gee, it is October

Man, time flies. Life is full and good...BUT I had a moment where I went...how on earth would a child fit in this world I live in right now...then it struck me(yeah the following answer ain't that profound, and all that, and I did know it before but it just kinda twacked me upside the head today) ...

My world is gonna be turned upside down! That is a huge thing, one of lifes biggest transitions. I am ultra excited about adding the world of Daddy to my plate..but have no idea what all the other plates are gonna look like...other than they are gonna change radically...the way I do ministry, which is my life, my heart, as well as my job, will be turned upside down. When I got married there was some change a few bumps in the transistion, but it was basically subtle changes when it was all said and done...I just don't think it will be that subtle this time around..a screaming baby howling at the top of her lungs at 3 a.m. isn't subtle and will most definately effect how I view the world through bleary, sleep deprived eyes.

My hope is that the little one will be quite fond and comfy running around the church at odd times in the week, while I work, and will be a wonderful reason for me to take that few minute break away from the computer screen that every eye doctor recommends...hey a medical reason to hang with my little girl... sweet! Maybe this upside down world of work will be even better...no, not maybe, it will be... all of life will be better when we are a family,not necessarily easier...but MOST definately better!


Janet said...

Definitely better! You have NO idea, how much better. I can totally picture your little one running around the church. OUr kids do it all the time! It's such a great change in your life, and the most wonderful thing in the world is that little one running to you and saying "Daddy!" (or in my case, "Mommy!- Either way, it's fantastic!)

wanna be grandma said...

I just can't picture my boy being called "daddy". When I think of it -it makes me cry and smile. I can visualize your daughter sitting on your knee most of the day - or hanging off your shoulders though. And unquestionably, life will be TOTALLY DIFFERENT.