Friday, October 06, 2006

A Strange Duck am I

I quite enjoy being the round peg in a square holed world, it has served me quite nicely in all the things I have done. Parenthood... Fatherhood is not going to be much different.

First off, from the time I was 15 years old I always wanted to be a stay home dad. That isn't going to happen sadly, but I am blessed that my position as a Pastor will allow me some freedom other dads don't get(although I will face other challenges to parenting other dads outside of pastoral ministry don't have to face).

Second, most men seem to shy away from the more nurturing type(or typically female) parts of raising kids. Me, I can't wait to be involved in the diaper changing(well,in context, it has to be done and certainly isn't to be just a mom's thing to do) , bathing, feeding, dressing, doing her hair, having tea parties with her, cuddles, helping her to learn how to read etc.

Third, I RARELY ever see a guy looking at baby things(unless their wife drags them along). Me, I had some free time last night and where did I end up. WALMART. Now most men head to the sports area, or the tools. I headed right to the baby area, looking at the clothes, the accessiores(saw a baby bag with dragonflies and ladybugs on it. $25, seems pricey, not sure of the quality, but theme wise it fits with her upcoming room design). Got some odd looks from ladies when they saw I was not there by force, I said Round peg, square hole...

Blogging, I think I have only found one other blog where a guy posts on stuff and it was more of a research type blog than personal ramblings etc...would love to read other guys thoughts on adopting processes etc.

Well, tonight is veg nite, picking up Wendy's, coming home to my wife,sweeping her off her feet(onto the couch...sorry no romance happening here, killed my back yesterday lugging wood from a farm to the house for the fireplace downstairs)..popping in Xmen 3 and hoping a relaxing night will help me feel more energy for another full weekend ahead.


ladybugmommy said... sound like such a great guy and you will be a wonderful father, you already know all the important things to know about parenting! you shop in the baby section alone!

Janet said...

I think it's great that you can't wait to be that involved, Randy! My husband is involved every step of the way too, and I LOVE it! My kids ADORE their dad, sounds like you're going to be adored too!

Janet T.

mum said...

That's my boy - but your spelling is still atrocious. Love ya

randy & cara said...

it's not my speeling it is my typing ;).

kim said...

Randy you will be a FANTASTIC daddy!! Good to hear there are still some of you
Do you have a brother who is single??
Hey...I too understand the spelling/typing thing...seems I have the same problem!!

Anonymous said...

I think it is so cool how much Randy desires to be involved with the "typically female" aspects of parenting. It really excites me to hear that...although I am not at all surprised and would not have expected any less from him. I think it's too bad that he gets odd looks from people in Walmart as he checks out the baby section. If we were in the same city with the same Walmart Randy would find Jay in the baby section too....anyway...I was just thinking about you guys and reading your blogs.

Sue & Jason

Debbie W. said...

Well Randy, Although I don't think Ted ever shopped in the baby section (perhaps because my Mom the super shopper is his mother-in-law, and there was nothing left to get) he too is a hands on dad and was and is quite capable of caring for his children all of their lives and still is. It is one of the things I love about him and am very proud of him for.
I am looking forward to seeing your baby girl secure in your arms.

Shannon said...

Watch out for the baby/toy section once you have your little one. All our Deanna has to do is say a loud "oh!!" about something and Ken brings home giant bouncing balls, and stuffed animals bigger then she is. :-)