Thursday, February 01, 2007

CCAA has new batch in

Reviews are done up to March 22 2006 and referral being sent to those LID Oct 13.

So that means just 2 more months worth of dossiers til we are through the review room(please note this doesn't mean 2 months only to wait for this stage...*starts broken record). But that is promising, we are getting closer to another stage. Hope abounds :).So if all pacing stayed the same(not likely) Augustish we could get a referral, then travel in Octoberish? Can't wait to get to the stage were I can report with less "ish" and more solid timeframes.

We are past our 8 month LID. Got shots lined up for the end of February, and maybe, just maybe are close to deciding on paint colors for Julia's room we have been receiving or getting a number of insect related things, and I got a couple of felt clouds to put up, so I think we are reaching the saturation point, we must paint and place!

Work has slammed me making it harder to think adoption stuff and have time to reflect and write, but hopefully it will normalize soon.


Beth said...

We are making progress! One step closer. We will have to have one big cyber party when the Magpies clear the review room!

ladybugmommy said... step closer, tiny baby steps it seems.
I have been thinking of you both.
I can't wait to see the aby room when it is done.