Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nine Month LID

Couple days late in posting(and I think we missed number 8 as well...) but 9 months logged in, in a couple months I will have to start using my toes to keep track...

Got my first set of shots today, Twinrex(Hep A and B protection), with no sideeffects thus far. Growing up with some of the allergies I had(and some that I still do have) I stayed away from innoculations, but this one went well, and next month with the booster for it I will get the typhoid one and that should do it.

News in the cup half full a number of past posts have been with a feelign of fustration etc. over the waiting, I came to a realization with some recent events that are more optimistic.

Our trusty "steed"(93 Olds) has needed some TLC in the "stables"(garage) the last 2 weeks, and it has meant shelling out a few bales of hay($$$), which we were blessed to have as we have been saving for the eventual trip to China. So since we aren't going to be needing to buy those plane tickets for the foreseeable future, we have plenty of time to resave the pennies and quarters to replenish the trip to China fund!!! Wonderful news eh!

Okay, so there is a BIT of tone in that, lol :)

Taxes are due, so my hope is the tax fairy will leave a decent deposit rather than withdrawal under the pillow this year...just have to get motivated to crunch some numbers.

In blogging topic news... I have tried to keep this blog fairly on topic with adoption related stuff, but I think, since our journey is going to be a bit longer than we initally expected, I may just have to occasionally veer into Random Randyness from time to time...just giving ya' all some warning ;)


your mum always said...

Good! I always enjoyed your Random Randyness...I look forward to that.

Mommy-To-Channing said...

WOW...I'm way behind in my blogging....HAPPY 9 months!!! You are getting so close....just think 9 months closer to your little girl!!!