Monday, March 19, 2007

ACS update!

Just received word on the ACS situation, it is pasted below:

There's been confirmation that the families who had their files put on
hold have all been contacted by Alberta Children's Services and told
that "it was all a big misunderstanding" and that from now on waiting
children files will be evaluated case by case. This is good news, but
the Alberta families on the waiting children Canadian also don't think
we are completely out of the woods---will be keeping an eye on how
they deal with new referrals. We're pretty sure that everyone's
letters, phone calls, and the media becoming interested made a big
difference in making them realize that this form of discriminatory
action was going to become very public in a hurry.

So, thanks everyone. Some of us are continuing to write letters
expressing our dismay at the turn of events and our hopes that they'll
act fairly and positively towards waiting children and their families
in the future.

So thati s good news, but I would now urge everyone to write a letter thanking the ACS for "clearing up the misunderstanding" and expressing that you hope broad consideration will be extended to the children in the Waiting Child program.

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