Thursday, March 15, 2007

Conspriacy at work?

In the post below I have been trying to verify this from the source. Google took me to Alberta Children Services page, but nothing on the page that would indicate this, HOWEVER when I checked the cached(previously stored pages from google), this is what ACS DID have on their "what's new page", but have DELETED in the last couple days...
International Adoption Referrals of Medically Fragile Children (March 2007)

Effective immediately, Children’s Services is not accepting adoption matching referrals of medically fragile children proposed through the international adoption program until we have a position, policy and procedures in place. More information will be posted when it is available.

If you google "medically fragile alberta child services"
the first thing that comes up is:
What's New!
International Adoption Referrals of Medically Fragile Children (March 2007) ... They do not have the authority to represent Alberta Children's Services or ...'s%20New!
- 59k - Cached - Similar pages

If you click on the cached part it shows the page saved on March 12th

If you click on the main link for that page on google it take syou to the current looking page where that opening paragaph is gone!

Did they delete it due to uproar, trying to push this under the carpet or what? I know a BUNCH of folks ready to let their voice be heard, but I am trying to get this validated from the source to ensure this is true(I hope it isn't, but I suspect it is a hush hush job happening).

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