Monday, March 19, 2007

Ten months LID

Well 10 months LID. I will celebrate in a couple days by getting my hep a/b final shot :).

What can be said, well, we still are getting too much snow here, and winter has seemed longer than this wait(hard as that is to believe). I have a third Bonsai which is now dropping leaves and threatening to go to the bonsai nursery in the sky, protesting the insanely long winter and saying" I can't handle it any longer, take me now o great gardner of the sky!".

This is distressing, It is my fav one too, hoping it doesn't die, trying to give it some TLC, but it really needs some better light, too cloudy for too long.

My wife is sick of the snowy tv we have(no cable etc) so she got a satellite tv set up on Friday, so now we have hundreds of clear channels to flick through and say, "there is nothing on, what do we have in our DVD collection ;)".

Actually it iwll be nice, catch some home and garden shows, CMT, be able to watch survivor without having to hassle friends about it, so it iwll be nice, and something to do as it continues to snow all the stinkin time here!


Krista's Camera said...

Aw..snow..something I definitly DO NOT miss! Did I mention I started dragon boating 3 weeks ago?? hehe

your ,mum said...

stinkin, blinkin and nodd - don't u get chinooks up north?