Thursday, March 08, 2007

Busy times

Well, time to catch up. Congrats to you Oct 2005 folks who got referrals,seems like that month is finally done. Always nice to see referral pics and drool, over the cuteness, then cry, because they aren't yours, then tears of joy for those little ones finally able to be in a forever family.

Good chance May 2006 is in review stage,although that is speculation at this point, a few rumors floating around, we will see...but it is some progress...

Folks ask me how the process is going. I have been replying, "Imagine a depressed turtle, lugging a load of rocks, against a strong headwind...he is closer to getting to China than we are these days..." laugh or cry, heh :)

Well, let's see, ahh the conference, boring as watching paint dry, however the bonus, evenings off to walk around green Vancouver. It was so refreshing to see some green stuff compared to the white stuff...Green therapy :). I also had down time to do some dreaming about Kids Ministry and where I want to see it go at my church. It was nice to be away from phones and regular work stuff and just have time alone to think, not even music to listen to.

Rob Bell, a preacher dude from the US has put out some great quality teaching videos from Nooma(name of his production company). Deep thinking stuff, but practical. He has a great one on noise and how our lives get so full of it we don't give space for God to speak to us. Used it as a teaching tool to inspire my teachers at a teacher appreciation event we did a short time ago. It was nice to apply the principles myself over that conference time.

Came home to see that I needed to step into preaching for a few weeks to give my Senior pastor a respite so he could recover from illness. He is doing better now. Got my sermon done for this week, among doing all my regular stuff to ensure our JUMP program runs,etc.

Also did an outreach to families meal and program on Wednesday for the families that come to our midweek program. I got to break out the magic props and perform. Had an AWESOME show, tried some new stuff, dusted off some oldies but goodies, had a blast, as did the audience.

I LOVE PERFORMING, and TEACHING the GOSPEL through it. Such a rush! There is that side of my personality that gets refreshed from it. It expends a bunch of energy and is hard "work" but so rewarding when it clicks. Got some programs lined up in April and June to minister at other churches, plus have to develop my messages, and tricks for the upcoming Camp season.

Busy times, but God is good.


mum said...

Look forward to your updates honey.

I'm so glad the time away was beneficial for you.

Rob Bell! this guy knows what he's talkin about. It's been through some practical teaching at my church that I've realized the distractions and noises that keep me from that special time with my Lord. Since that revelation -the intentional time I now set aside for Him has been amazing - those early a.m. hours when the phones don't ring - the dog doesn't bark - the bird doesn't chirp and there's nothing on TV-have been the most strengthening and encouraging times. Practicing the 'listening' in quiet is alot easier than trying to hear Him thru'out the day with all that is going on around us - for sure.

You said May 2006 'may' be the review stage... we wish it had been (smiling)...
May 2007 doesn't sound tooo far off now... Although for a prospective grandmother the turtle analogy works for me - the lines on my face are growing faster.

"Oh for the day when we embrace
Our little girl so full of grace.
Time will no longer be
But a fleeting moment in our memory".

Love ya

Janet said...

It does sound busy, but also fun. I love your turtle analogy....gotta use that one.....:-)