Wednesday, September 19, 2007

16th month LID

We are at ?sweet? sixteen for being logged into China, we should be able to say we are past the half way mark.

Our LID celebration will be tomorrow as we watch Survivor China on TV.

The other exciting adventure is the pursuit of a newer vehicle, I am blessed that my Dad is helping out with this as well as my mum. I am not mechanically inclined...I simply can't tell if a car is a lemon or not(the only lemon I am good with is using it in stirfry cooking... I cooked some stirfry chicken with some sliced lemon in it, and then removed the lemon before serving and it was awesome, that and some ginger and a bit of teriaki sauce...very nice!!). My dad is hunting to find us something reliable and my folks are sooo blessing us by also helping financially...we are chipping in a good portion by they are also...what an overwhelming blessing!

Fall has come and seems like it may be leaving quickly, it is getting chilly out, BAH! We will have to do our annual fall picture taking ritual soon methinks... pics to come :)

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Janet said...

HAPPY sweet sixteen! Does it feel sweet? :-)

Enjoy Survivor....I'll be watching too.....