Monday, September 10, 2007

July is out of review room

Congrats to those with July LIDS, man the review room is cooking, let's send some of those folks over to the MATCHING room please and get that happening, they are only on Nov 25 2005 over there, we need a speed up!!!!!

We went to a picnic yesterday put on by Christian Adoption Services, it was awesome to see how many families in our area have adopted. We met a few families in the process as well. There were no Asian babies at the picnic, and just one couple, which we had met earlier in the process who are adopting from China.We know there are a few more adopting from China, but they weren't there.

We had our Sunday School kick off and overall that went fantastic. We have doubled our program, which was daunting, less than 2 years ago they were going to cancel Sunday School, Then I came on staff and we got life back in it and in less than 2 years we have doubled it...God most certainly blessed us. We still have a few gaps to fill, but I am jazzed over a really good start.Well, must get week two ready to go!


Janet said...


SOunds like Sunday school for the kids!

mum said...

Good work son! God is in the business of blessing :)