Saturday, September 22, 2007


Wow, have we been blessed. We have been given a wonderful gift from my mom and dad. My Father-in-law helped us out last time to get a car when we were in a pinch and that car has served us well, but has started to give us some stress recently, prompting us to try to be proactive in finding a car while this one still continued to work. So we asked my side, particularly my dad, to look for something with the money we were able to give to it. My dad is great at finding deals and knows cars, neither skills I possess.

My parents then decided to bless us by contributing more $$ to ours, much more, and the car we now possess(isn't the one featured above :) ) is a 2007 Malibu LT. What a gift. Warranty on it, only 16,000 kms on it... reliable transportation worries are gone!!!

It relieves so much pressure, to know that when we get Julia, we have a safe car for her to be in, and one that will allow us to transport the stuff that comes with baby, and we won't be sinking money into repairs, which will be awesome as we need to keep saving for this adoption and beyond.

We are so blessed, and thankful, a wonderful gift as we wait for our most precious gift!

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Janet said...

That truly is a blessing! What great news! God (and family!!!!) is SO good!