Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Birthday Bash

Well, September 2 was the milestone 38th birthday for me. My actual day was spent at church preaching in the morning then going to a get together to welcome our new interim pastor to our church(which ended up being rained out). On the Monday I conceded and let Cara invite some friends to come to a party.

I am not a big birthday person, it isn't that I care about aging, in fact, I don't see myself as an age, I never remember how old I am, anything someone asks me I have to sit down and do the math, and these days I don't have enough fingers and toes, so it is a challenge!

I enjoyed the day a lot. It was nice to just hang out with friends and be normal. It was especially nice that my mom got to meet Cara and my close friends.

A real good friend, and fellow comic book collector, blessed my socks off by giving to me Amazing Spiderman #5. The comic was published in 1963! What a rush to hold something that has so much history to it...a real treasure!

At my age and with my eclectic interests people know it is best to just give gift certificates or cash. I will be getting some magic tricks with it, Paul Brandt's album, more comics, maybe some bonsai supplies, and some tv series on dvd(Heroes maybe?), just not sure what yet.

I did pick up Teen titans video game for PS2. I am a kid at heart. I am currently playing Neopets Darkest Faerie PS2 game. I am not into the blood and gore games. This way I also have games kids can play at my place when they come over, so it serves both purposes.

I can also with almost complete confidence say that before I am 40 I will have Julia in my arms... I just have to be able to say SOMEthing concrete, I truly hope it will be before I am 39,but today I can at least say 40 with confidence...truly this adoption journey is a wacky one...

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Janet said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I'm glad it was a good one. I'm the same, I can never remember how old I am. (or anyone else, for that matter!)