Tuesday, November 09, 2010


My dad with Katie this summer

Started the day by taking the multiple packing lists we had researched and edited and compiled it into one...it is still 4 pages long and that doesn't include our clothing...WHOA!!!!!Should have expected that...

Still waiting on word on potential travel days.

We sent the approval letter off so fast, we signed it but forgot to check the box that says" will you accept this child". Heh, fortunately the govt agency called and with any luck it is presently on its way to China.

We have been blessed by MANY friends and families excitement and support in this leg of the journey. But we have also experienced some head scratching moments,where we figured some people would be more excited then they appeared. It dawned on me this morning, it is likely because they aren't as into the "adoption world" and how it works. Cara and I have this as OUR normal. That we have been expecting for 5 years to get a picture of our daughter and then expecting to wait a number of weeks and then go get her, but for the rest of the folks in the world, you get excited when baby is in arms, so we have altered our expectations of peoples responses, and are now confident that these same folks we wondered about will be excited when they see Julia in arms.

Expecting a visit from my dad next week, that should be fun.

Have a big youth conference to perform at in Edmonton, expecting that will be an adventure...

Trying to figure out how to have Katie in her room, Julia in ours, and how to deal with rocking, diaper changes etc so that whoever is not doing that, can get sleep...

Katie has been awesome in receiving the concept of Julia. a day after the referral she grabbed the picture held it up and shouted "JULIA"! We know she will not be quite as thrilled when she has to share Mommy and Daddy, but she will be an awesome big sister!


China Dreams said...

There are a lot of unpredictable moments in adoption-including reactions by others-but in the end the only thing that matters is that child in your arms :-)

Anonymous said...

That's been the hardest part for us.
The expectations we had of other people.
I can only think of how much those that have chosen to turn their backs on Samuel have missed.
On another note, even our then 18year old had her nose out of joint for a while. Sometimes she still does. Maybe I'll give Katie Joy, Talia's phone number. They can have sibling envy time together :)

ladybugmommy said...

sooooo...wanna shared said packing list? I have a few too but I am all of a sudden feeling overwhelmed! YIKES!

Anonymous said...

We have been home with our little one since Oct 1st, she too was from Nanchang, you are so blessed to have a picture of her foster mother. Our agency would not give us any information about the foster family she was with. Our daughter was 8 months old and her foster parents must have loved her dearly, she is healthy and right on target for her age. She is almost 11 months old and has brought us so much happiness. Enjoy every moment, while it seems like you are in China for a long time, it feels like a million years ago that we were there. Good luck to you!
Safe travels.

randy and cara said...

So good to hear your little treasure had good foster care, sad that they don't release any info. We are hoping to get a name, contact info, and will push hard for that in China, and who knows. It helps to have ANY pieces of the puzzle of our kids histories, but alas we will never have the full picture, but they can still prosper in their futures without being chained to a past. Thanks so much for sharing, we are looking forward to Nanchang!