Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In a couple weeks....

Wow, time is flying, and it is GOOD! Really only a couple weeks to get everything ready. We have another car seat to get, but otherwise I think our big shopping spree is done and it is now just getting it into suitcases.

We decided to bring some dehydrated food, just in case we can't find safe food(I have a nut allergy and Cara is allergic to fish/seafood) our facilitators will make up cards in Mandarin for us to advise restaurants to avoid that, but we want to be prepared either way.

It is funny how we have been preparing for 5 years yet there is still a feeling of" are we ready?" Ready to have her in our room to work out cosleeping stuff, ready to engage the multiple bottle thing again, and double the diapers and how on earth will we deal with naps and bedtimes with two...knowing we will of course do it, but until you actually EXPERIENCE it, you always have a question of whether the plan will work LOL.

We still need to see our TA(Travel Approval from China) although we have been assured by FOI we will have it, so I am not worried.

Just have to get a bunch of stuff done at work so think click along until the New Year and then I can relax. After the initial thrill and rush of it all, I am pretty numb and just going through the motions right now, until we get closer then I know i will be thru the roof again, and I think once work commitments are done and we know we are ready, it will be an awesome feeling.


China Dreams said...

Totally understand the "are we ready" question after years of waiting. It's such an exciting and nerve-wracking time!

ladybugmommy said...

I feel the exact same way!!!