Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Introducing our Daughter- Julia Hope

Orphanage she was at for 18 days

She is everything we hoped for, everything we prayed for.
We hoped for 7-9 month old at referral. She is 6.5
We hoped she was not left alone, she was found within hours of being left.
We hoped for foster care, she was in foster care after 18 days.
I was hoping she would have more hair than her dad... 3 out of 4 ain't bad. LOL. Her hair will come.:) :)

She is from Jiangxi(pronounced "jong she")

To finally see a picture of the face we have prayed for, cried over, longed for, for 5 years, is surreal, and has instantly filled that place in my heart that I have held open for her and refused to give up. Next step is filling that spot in my arms!!!

We will need a bunch of stuff to fall into place to get December travel in here. We need approval letters to move quick and get to all the right folks, we need there to be room in travel groups for us, appointment spaces in China for consulate appointments, visas to be in place...BUT if(dare I say WHEN) that all happens we could be celebrating Christmas in Canada as a family of four...if not early January would be the next travel group...


China Dreams said...

She is a sweetheart. You're so lucky that you'll be able to see her first step, hear her first word, .... so many wonderful firsts to share together!

Ernesto y Felisa said...

Congrats from northwest of Spain (santiago de compostela)
Your daughter is sweet and nice and beautiful and....adorable.


Janet said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful, wonderful blessing from God! I am so happy for you all!

Research-China.Org said...

Congratulations on your Jiangxi referral. When you are ready to get more information about your daughter, including her newspaper finding ad (with a very young photo of her!), foster family info, photos, etc., come pay us a visit. We look forward to working with you!

All the best!!!


Tracy said...

Her hair will come - our sweet girl was almost bald at 13 months old, and now at age 4 - she has long, gorgeous hair. We were able to do pigtails by age 2.

Congrats on your beautiful baby - enjoy this amazing time!

Trace7, RQ

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

CONGRATS! from one Wanzai mom to an other. She is beautiful ... Our prayers were answered as well when we were referred a child from Wanzai. so happy for you and your family.

Karmen and Greg said...

Congratulations! She is precious!!! I know we've never met, but reading your post brought tears to my eyes. God has blessed you. May you have an amazing journey to your little girl!