Monday, November 01, 2010

waiting for the call day 1

As a record for our Julia of what we were doing:
We woke up Monday morning and we ate breakfast, it was around 9:15, I was feeling *anxious to check the Rumor Queen site to see if there was news, and indeed there was, that calls were being made. I jumped up and down and starting crying, your mom, usually the emotional one was excited but subdued(I don't think her coffee had kicked in yet LOL). I yelled, "get the question sheet!!!"(this was a sheet of questions we wanted to ask the agency when they call us with your information). I went and plugged in the battery for the camcorder so we can record the call so that we don't miss any details. Your mom is so excited now to see your picture and we can't wait to get you in our arms...

I packed up your sister and drove to work to get my computer so I could still try to do some work, while at home. I did get some done during the rest of the day, and fittingly it was prep for this upcoming sunday which we are having a special orphan sunday focus in our church. I was preparing a short 5 minute chat on adoption, as well as putting together some information for our church to help them in responding to orphan care, adoption and foster care.
Picked up a special coffee for your mom on the way home. I then spent most of the rest of the time checking email, checking sites waiting to get some word on anything as to when to expect the call.

Your mom and I decided to not let anyone know until we had gotten the call with the information in it, that is hard, I want to shout it from the mountain tops and run down the streets like a madman shouting out the wonderful news that I will soon get to be Daddy to a special little girl we have been waiting for, for 5 years.

I write this now at 5 pm, and I have had a wonderful,but anxious knot in my stomach all day. Where in China are you at? How old are you? Are you in an orphanage right now, or foster care, what food do you like to eat, will you take to "our food" easily, do you sleep well, do you know in your heart there are 2 people who already love you, are you dreaming baby dreams of family? Do you know it is close to reality, you are not to be left alone, you do not have to lose hope, you can know you have been prayed for, treasured in our hearts, and will be loved fully soon!!!!

C'mon phone call...can't wait to see your face....

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