Thursday, June 22, 2006

Love, Trees, and the Gazebo Saga

The week has flown by, filled with much study at work, for various topics, camp is FAST approaching. Had some fun and ordered a couple of magical effects that I want to use at camp when I am speaking. The theme is "Thirsty for God". There is a cool effect where you take an empty crushed pop can, and in front of the spectators eyes it restores itself to be unbent and then full, and you pour out the pop. I think it will be a great opener to start the theme off on(provided it gets delivered in time and I have the time to actually practice it)!

That was the fun part of the week, fought with anchoring the gazebo to the cement pad, after 4 attempts and 3 different methods my basic mind set is now... "if it blows away, FINE!!!". The next back yard challenge is getting grass growing where mud now blooms. Not likely gonna happen til late fall since summer is full with ministry. The good thing is it keeps me busy and from focussing too much on wait times.

I have been enjoying the "all about olivia" blog as they are now in China and have gotten their little girl. Reading the stories as they happen makes it more real,and fills the gap until we get to write that story for ourselves.

Waiting for the dvd I ordered to arrive, hopefully get a chance to watch it before Camp hits full gear.

Worked on my bonsai trees today. Here is one of them...


mom said...

Tree lookin good - obviously not one that got blown over in your greenhouse?

ladybugmommy said...

My brother was given a bonsai tree as a gift...any suggestions for taking good care of it?

randy & cara said...

Hi Jen,

Similar to Adoption, the path to caring for Bonsai is not a striaght line, there are lots of variables.

Each bonsai needs somewhat different care depending on the season, the style, and the species of the tree.

As a general principle,by and large, bonsai need to be watered more than other palnts or trees, but not ove watered or the roots will rot. A trick to try is to put a wooden toothpick in the soil for 15 minutes, pull it out, if no dirt sticks the tree is dry and should be watered.

Depending on the place they live, and whether the tree is indoor or outdoor, regualtes how often, ome have to be watered 2 times a day during summer, where as the ones i have are around 2-3 times a week indoors and 3-4 times a week outdoor(depending on rain and heat)

If you can find out from your brother the species of tree it is and where he lives, I can pass along more detailed info to him.

Bonsai are just amazing to observe, it is a real artform. I find it really relaxing and allows my creativity to come out.

Whenever the time comes to head to china...I will need to find a babysitter for my trees. Sometimes they can be more work than a baby(well, not quite...but close :) )