Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Our first post on our blog. Welcome to all who purposefully or by accident end up here :). Both Cara and myself will be adding posts as time progresses, it will become apparent who is typing what after you have read one of each of our writing styles :). Randy is writing this one.

Here is a snapshot of the dates that have been significant in our journey to adopt our little gift from China.
Oct 2005-Made the offical decision to adopt from China and begin the process.
Nov 2005 We picked FOI as our Facilitator after hearing NOTHING but amazing reviews of what they do and how they do it.
Jan 2006 Took the International Adoption Worshop.
Feb-Mar 2006 Got the paper work started and the home study done.
May 12 2006 DTC(Documents to China).
May 19 2005 LID(Login Date).

When we first began we were told the wait time would likely be one year from the START of the entire process. The reality is that it is around 14 months from LID, and it is speculation at this point. This has been the biggest fustration and disappointment. We have been blessed in how smooth the process has gone, how quickly we got forms back, how efficient the Alberta Government has been in getting our Home Study approved etc., now is the dreaded wait we have heard about :( .

Now is the time to work on getting projects done, getting all the future paperwork in hand and ready to launch(sponsorship, immigration, Canadian citizenship, medical etc. etc.) The stack of paper already involved is larger than our daughter will be when we get her!

We are excited about the destination of this journey, and there has been many blessings already in people we have met, in seeing others adoption stories played out through reading their websites and blogs, getting the quarterly newsletters from FOI with stories and pictures of families who have just returned with their children, and the excitement of knowing at the end of this road, at the end of the waiting is our gift. We can't wait!!

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