Thursday, June 08, 2006

To Name or not to Name...that is the question!

In looking at other blogs, as well as talking with other parents, there seems to be 2 schools of thought, one larger than the other, but both interesting,nevertheless.

Many adopting parents have already named their child. So too have parents who are having children through natural child birth.

Then there are some adopting parents, as well as some parents having children through natural child birth, who have NOT named their child.

We are in this later camp. Yes we have a list of names(it gets longer all the time). We know the gender will be a female, but at this point we are waiting til we see the referral picture, feeling that when we see her, a name will become clear.

Would love to hear from you how you came to name YOUR child, or why you are chosing to wait before naming them. So please feel free to post comments and share YOUR name game adventure :) !


Angela said...

Heh Randy & Cara - can't believe I'm the first to leave a comment here! This blogspot must make your daughter feel so much more real! She will be so blessed to have 2 parents who love her so much already, possibly even before she's even born.
As for naming, I think what you're doing is a great idea - having a list of "go to" names to choose from, and wait until you see her (or a picture of her) to name her. With our 3 boys, we could only agree on 1 name at a time (1 boy name & 1 girl name for each pregnancy). The middles names were always up in the air - strange, heh?

Liam & Sherry said...

Hi Randy & Cara

Liam and Sherry-Lou from Regina. Great blog and congratulations on your big milestone. We are in the other camp having chosen our daughters name already. For us we have held her in our hearts for what seems like forever that naming her makes her more real to us. We chose Olivia because it's a natural sounding name and we will have her Chinese name as a middle name as many other couples have done. Please feel free to visit our blog

Take care and best wishes

randy & cara said...

Hi Angela,

I debated starting the blog with a year plus, but it will be a nice distraction to fill time while we wait.

Middle namnes...that is a whole OTHER topic LOL!!!

Hi Liam and Sherry,

Enjoying your blog,Cara and I can relate to the idea of the naming early makes her more real, it makes the connection "grow" having a name to pray for rather than "our daughter".

It may end up that we change our stance as time ticks by and a name comes up, we tend to be more fluid in these things than we think. :)

We just want to make sure the name, as much as it is possible, "fits", as abstract and impossible as that is to dicern at ANY time int he process, lol. :)

Jason & Claudette Cox said...

Hi Randy and Cara
Cogratulations on your blog and your LID date! We have already chosen our daughters name "Haileigh" and will also have her Chinese name as her middle name. You can see our blog at

Take Care
Jason & Claudette Cox
Waterloo Ontario

randy & cara said...

Jason & Claudette
Love the spelling you picked for the name!

ladybugmommy said...

Hi again probably saw on my blog why we chose the name Tya. We were going to call our first daughter Ty if she was a boy, but she wasn't, so we saved the name...a cousin of mine had a boy and named him Ty and so we thought to still use the name for it's signifigance we could use it as a girl's name...Tya. We also plan on using some part of her Chinese name as her middle name...if we can pronounce it!

kim said...

Hi Randy & Cara,
When I first started the paperchase process I had a name picked out...Kenzi...and as time went on, I decided I didnt like "hearing" the name. I loved saying it, writiing it, and the way it looked, but didnt like to hear it!! No idea why!!!
Today I'm sitting infront of a page of paper that has about 20 names on it, and as I find a name I like I add it to the page and often I find myself scratching names off too.
So I think I will try and hold off on picking a name until I get her referral picture and just keep working on my name list. I really would love to have a Chinese looking name, so I may be creative in how I spell her name such as Kenzi. With the middle name I will use her Chinese name as many people do...
Keep "blogging", I love following your journey, especially since you are with FOI too!!!