Monday, June 19, 2006

Post Father's Day Reflections

There is certainly a different feeliing and emotional connection for me to "this day" as contrasted to Cara when Mothers Day came by in May.

Cara commented that she very much felt like a mom(in waiting) and so there was an air of celebrating and connection to Moms Day for her. It seems that for women, adopting or pregnant, that at the moment of conception(when it happens naturally...well you know how that works...or adopted, when you are logged in and waiting) they consider themselves to be "Mom". Cara kids that with her, in light of the wait times for adopting, that it is world's longest gestation period that she is in! :)

For Dad's, I wonder how different it is. For me personally, I am ready to be Dad, but the "gestation time" is different for me in light of adopting. If we were having a child through natural child birth, I would consider myself Dad at the time conception was known. but now, it doesn't "feel" like I am yet. Expectant father....for sure...the thought rarely leaves my mind and heart these days, I think when we get the picture of her, THAT will be the time, for me, when I see and feel more in that role.

We had a wonderful focus on fathers in our church service. We had 4 families dedicating their children to the Lord. Two of the families it was through adoption, one local, another international (they have 3 in their quiver that way). Wonderful time.

Then our Senior Pastor talked about the glue that binds us together, and Fathers got a container of Krazy Glue as a gift.

I can relate to the Krazy aspect as I seek to not become unglued during the wait time ;)

Hmmm, "bonds skin instantly..." you know what...when MY true Fathers Day comes, there will be NO glue required to help me BOND. I think I will save this Bottle of glue, bring it to China, and throw it over the Great Wall the moment I see my Daughter :)


Mum said...

Wish I could make that trip with you.

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