Sunday, December 12, 2010

1:45pm alberta time...add 6-7 hours and we will have her

It is 4:30 am on the 13th, in 6-7 hours, give or take we will have her in our to lug luggage downstairs and "get on the bus"(Doodlebops song, Katies favorite show, is running thru my head...ARRRGH ;0 )


Anonymous said...

I'm just going to leave my computer on ON YOUR BLOG SITE...til you're home...mum

The Meikles said...

I second that Mum...this is SO EXCITING!!!! lol
P.S. Please post a pic when you can :) or if you can!

Anonymous said...

So its 10:45 here.. and I am trying to figure out the math...
oh my gosh!! you must have her by now!!!!
Hoping for smoke free in Nanchang!
Katie is doing A-MAZING! watched doodlebops today after nap.
Must be why it was in your head :)
She kissed Julia on the fridge too! She is such an amazing kid! talk to you soon guys! Can't believe you are there!

jennmech said...

can imagine you holding Julia you three! Praying, praying and praying. I am also missing you Cara...already :o)