Monday, December 13, 2010

Caught by the police...

In the lobby of the hotel preparing to go to the adoption center

At the adoption center with one of the ladies and her girl talking after "the interview". you go into a room and they ask you what you will do to help educate, them, are you happy with her, will you care for her, you exchange gifts, and sign some more paper and then off to the next papertrail station LOL
With the director of the orphanage and the official adoption certificate, she is ours!!!!

At vancouver preparing to head to Beijing
Our room in Nanchang

When we were leaving the adoption center, Cara was putting Julia into the snugglie and we had one of the grandma clothing police approach, touched Julias leg and had a concerned look and said something(we can assume it went like this..."where are the 17 layers of clothes on this child, she will catch a cold in this 12 degree celclius weather, tsk tsk so much to learn as parents"... LOL
We were aware this would happen. I showed her the blanket and lined snugglie cover that was going on and we got a small nod of approval, so we were "released" to go about our day, heh gotta love it!

Everyone has been awesome to be with, we hope we can get out and experience China a bit more, rain is predicted most of the week here in Nanchang, but we are tired but excited about what is ahead.

Today, more paperwork, and a likely China walmart shopping experience!

WE have found a Western style restaurant in the hotel which we have had decent food at, and our guide gave us detailed notes warning the cook about our allergies, so we may be sleep deprived, but we haven't had to break out the camp food we brought with us and that is a GOOD thing LOL


Anonymous said...

All sounds well! Praise Jesus! mum

Debbie Sauer said...

She has such a cute smile. Blessings