Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday in Nanchang

Well due the weather of yesterday our guide told us our orphanage visit was likely not going to happen, the roads would be too dangerous, and that was the case. We are somewhat disappointing, but we know the timing and events of this trip are in God's hands, so we are content.

So it was mall day today. We went to a nice mall, it was huge, but with one exit, you take escalators up or down but it s all contained inside one building that goes straight up. Today would be a day of just being in China and being amongst the people. It was great, lots of interactions with the locals trying to talk to us, pleased we were adopting, lots of "Beautiful girl" comments about Julia which we heartily affirmed.

We got a couple pieces of clothing for Julia, as nice coat, as the one she came in is not one we want her to stay in, this one is warmer and nicer.

Our morning started at 4:30 with a secret adventure of eating the dragon fruit we bought, and chatting about life as a couple(haven't had much time for that with baby, it was nice) however those whispers got Julia awake early and she ended up being up by 5, then having to nap at 7, didn't nap while we were out so she collapsed once we got off the bus, as the photo shows. We also went to bed early Thursday nite and I got 8.5 hours of sleep, OH YEAH BABY!!!! bring it on! Back to Thursday...

Prior to the mall we went to a porcelain shop. This area is famous for it, so we wanted a piece of that to bring home. First chance to barter, LOVE it. It is such a game. They bring a calculator, punch in a number, you look shocked, counter with a number about half of it or less, they laugh or shake head rigorously no, counter, and back and forth you go. At one point it is good to shake your head no and walk away and they will bring you back and likely "settle" for your last number, and all walk away happy.

We did a mcdonalds run for lunch, wasn't hungry so I never ate, I took some video(got in trouble for it, but it was worth it :) ).

On the way back from the mall the husbands jumped off the bus and we did another Walmart run and walked back to the hotel,about 2 km walk, but it was nice Got some nice video of the August 1 monument, a historical area commemorating 1927 battle.

1927 – The Nanchang Uprising marks the first significant battle in the Chinese Civil War between the Kuomintang and Communist Party of China. This day is commemorated as the anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army.

Also got to walk thru the streets of China, see everything from rich area to poor. The little shops, and you see the laundry hanging out the windows, to unlit, unheated areas that house shops. We walked past poor people asleep on the ground,with a small lid of a box with a few coins in it, to fancy hotel area.

It has been fun walking across the street, I think I totally have the mindset for it and have navigated across, babe in arms, with ease(hearing Cara tense behind us and me saying, just follow our lead!)

And note the best part of the day, in 3 words in that last paragraph...babe in arms!!!

Had an awesome morning in that she let me hold her without her fussing, some time with mom in view, some without her in view, it was awesome, longest holding time so far.So it is a small, but oh so delightful first step towards her coming to accept my love and comfort. YES!!!!


Anonymous said...

So happy you got to hold her honey.

China Dreams said...

Congratulations-on both a good night's sleep and on being able to hold your baby :-)