Monday, December 13, 2010

Walmart and another official visit(translated means sign something :0 )

Not sure what order the pictures will be in, but today, Tuesday, in Nanchang, we left at 9:00 ish to get another visit done, sign some more papers, this was for Julia's passport so she can travel on Friday.

I did a bunch of video today, trying to capture the feel of driving in China, it is a hoot, so insane. Glad I am not driving. If I have time and ability to edit video I will post something one of these days :).

Cara is just feeding Julia right now. She seems quite content(both of them :) ).

We finished our visit then hit the local Walmart super center. Two floors, the top floor is clothes and general items, the second floor is food. LOTS of food. Dried chickens and turkeys hanging, pig noses, and the fish stuff, is amazing.

We picked up a cute suit/dress idea for both Katie and Julia to be matching in, grabbed some BABY mandarin oranges(you can fit 5-6 in your hand, so fresh the leaves from the tree come with it. We also got a dragonfruit to try. Will take a picture of it before we eat it, VERY fun looking fruit.

Grandma clothing police pull over while in store- 3, Cara showed the layers in the cart and got the nod, those gramma's are tough ;)

Going to be an easy day today, hang around the hotel and just rest.

Doing some intro planning about going to the orphanage and area where Julia was born, seems promising, just have to have the guide determine a few things, so fingers crossed. We hope to more meet with the foster mom for a bit, just to have a bit of video with her, and then we really want to get a feel for the place she was born, so really hoping this comes together.

It has been hard to hang back and let Cara be the main caregiver and focal point for Julia, but I feel it is best for her, until we know she is totally in love with this woman I have fallen for also, then I can step in and win this little ones heart also.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, your daughter is beautiful. I am enjoying your trip, we arrived back from Nanchang 2 1/2 months ago and love hearing your perspectinve on the area. It is exactly what we experienced. We ventured out on our own many times and had fun exploring the area. If you want really good Italian food (hard to believe) go to Cafe Roma in Nanchang, the owner also has a french restuarant that we went to and enjoyed, I forgot the name. Enjoy your trip and take every moment in, it feels like you are there forever but it will be a trip that you never forget. Best of luck to all of you. Enjoy.

China Dreams said...

I especially love the last picture-little miss curiosity!