Tuesday, December 07, 2010

cool in China, warming up here...Nanchang 5 celcius, Beijing 0, burning through the to do lists here, keeping it hot-2 days to go!

Got our TA and passports/Visas back yesterday afternoon. Today is paper push day, filling out the rest of the forms, getting the papers we need copied. Cara is working on packing, called in some friends to help distract Katie, so productive can increase.

I have had 2 great nights of sleep, which at this point is reminding me how nice it is to have sleep and that I want more of it :). Only couple more days of that, and then it will be a whole new ball game with baby :)!

When I actually stop to think about it, I get butterflies, I WILL be holding my Julia, oh so soon. I am trying to be at rest with the idea that I simply am not going to be productive to any degree at work and to just let it be, get the basics done and consider it a success. My brain goes from numb, to empty, to sleepy, to repeat cycle, with momentary moments of clarity and wild excitement.

Our suitcases look like they were an a roller coaster and have thrown up their contents, making me wonder how we are going to:
1. Get it all in there.
2. Carry all this stuff.

Still some misc. stuff to get, seems every day we run out of something or discover something else to get, methinks we are going to have to do some prioritizing and leave some stuff...but we will see what the Weigh scale says, it will be our judge :)!

Also looking forward to connecting face to face with our travel group, should be fun.

Our plan is to post to the blog general updates and summary of days, and use Facebook for quicker updates etc.

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