Sunday, December 12, 2010

We are in Beijing

We have made it. flight was an hour longer than we planned. There was a problem passenger who ,we think, was refusing to turn off their computer prior to take off, so we are out on the runway and had to come back. Security escorted them out, then we had to wait for the bags to be taken out. When we landed in Vancouver we had to get towed in as a hydrolic line burst, so the plane had no power steering, but we will made the connecting flight with time to spare.

Backs are sore from sitting so long,but flight, otherwise went well, and our room is excellent, nonsmoking floor. The drive in defies description there are no perceived traffic laws, cars all over the place, pedestrians stepping out in front of the cars, insane, but we were too tired to care so it was all good LOL.

Tomorrow we wake up early to fly to get our girl!!!!!!!!!!Tomorrow is forever family day!


Anonymous said...

Traffic sounds like laws - no rules. Glad all went well except for the little burp. mum

Anonymous said...

I'm back on line and looking at the time in CHina....oh my gosh - it's just minutes now. mum