Wednesday, December 01, 2010

8 days til we travel, 12 days until she is ours

Okay, December is officially here, and I have had a couple moments of sheer anxiety, along with some moments of sheer excitement that the day is getting closer.

We got the basement set up for my mom and cousin who will be coming up right after we  get home to meet Julia and celebrate Christmas with us. bought the turkey yesterday(had to store it at my church as Cara has made up meals in advance, as well as Christmas baking and our deep freeze is full). Knowing December was going to be Baby month it pushed us to have Christmas prepped early. I like that, we can do that every year :). We did, sadly, weigh in more heavily on the gift card side of things, due to space limitations with traveling and all, but it is so exciting to have our baby coming in a season where we Celebrate the best baby ever coming, Jesus.

I am still tapping my foot worried about our TA, we need this piece of paper to travel and get Julia, and with 8 days til we fly...needless to say I will feel relieved to have that final piece in hand.

I have had to make 5 trips to the bank so far to ensure we have crisp $100 bills to exchange once in China they  are REALLLLLLLY picky about stuff like that, no folds, bends or tears, so I have had to reorder money a bunch, but that is finally done. I head there today to send off some final money orders, then it will just be a visit before we go to pick up the cash that is in our safety deposit box for the trip.

Suitcases are partially packed in the basement, and I am slowly and distractedly working on getting work stuff taken care of.

Katie has moved from wanting to "hold Julia" to "go git Julia". Sooo cute.We had friends, who have adopted and know others who have, that their kids think that babies come from airplanes, LOL,so fun!

We were blessed by an anonymous person who left use some money at work for us to use for the adoption. So cool.

I find myself checking the weather in Nanchang and Beijing every morning, not even concerned over what the weather is doing at home. :)

well the troops are starting to wake up here, so off to make up some breakfast,then off to work. My sweet Julia, the day is getting oh so close, know in your heart your daddy will be there soon!

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Charlotte said...

Randy, your little one knows her daddy is on his way. I'm sure of it :)