Monday, December 13, 2010

Gotcha day!!!

Line up for tickets

I will post more about this awesome day later. Everyone is tired and hungry.
We jumped on the plane with our travel group to Nanchang and left at 8:40 am. We arrived around 11 am. It is raining quite a bit, but not really cold.
We jumped in a van and had a 40 minute drive to the hotel, we were told the babies were AT THE HOTEL and waiting for us. We literally walked into the hotel and rode up to the 3rd floor to get the babies, didn't check in, didn't care, we were on a mission, so clear the path!

I saw Julia right away, even though there were just 3 families in our group, it was still pretty chaotic connecting, getting our girls, trying to get info from the director. They were all hungry and needing baths, and hugs and kisses and they got the latter and some food, but we only had an hour to go to our room, find food for her, get going and 1:30 we started the paper trail.

Julia has been soaking this whole thing in, she is very tuned in to watching, she has great eye contact, particularly with mom, and Cara has made her laugh.We haven't had any major melt down yet, but it will come, she is delightful.

She is developmentally behind(this is no surprise,we knew this going in, and know she will make great strides when cared for and given exercise etc) she is cooing and giggling and will grab a toy, but doesn't hold on yet, she will stay limp in your arms, making you feel all 20 lbs of her LOL. We expect in a couple weeks we will see changes in this and her grab more.She has 6 teeth.She enjoyed her first bath with us.She is attentive and beautiful.

It has been such a whirlwind that processing and feelings are still catching up. I got a bit teary as we headed towards the room with them in it, and then teared up holding her at the adoption office,it is just surreal having her,such an amazing gift.

The director invited us to come to the orphanage, which we jumped on, we just have to work out details, so you can pray for that to come together, rides here are nuts, we have seen a couple accidents and people just about run over...more to come!!!!


The Meikles said...

LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!!!!! She is Amazing!!! ♥ I woke up at 3:30am to check for this am now at peace and can return to bed. I am so thrilled for your family...this is pure Awesomeness! We Can't Wait to meet you Julia!!!

Charlotte said...

Don"t have any words at this point other than Thank you God.

Anonymous said...

Me either...mum

Belinda said...

How beautiful is she!! The pictures with you together are beyond wonderful and bring tears to my eyes. We are celebrating here with you and cannot wait to do it some more when you return :) Love you all!

Rebecca said...

So beautiful and so so special!! You guys must be so tired! Praying for you every day!!... and katie too!

jennmech said...

Noah says he can't wait to see Julia in his real eyes. There are many of us sharing that sentiment I think! Love you three...and am amazed at the orphanage invite! God is SO good.

China Dreams said...

What a sweetie pie! Congratulations.