Wednesday, December 15, 2010

travel group thoughts and a link

This link takes you to the blog of one of our travel group they have a couple videos up so far, one of our group storming the elevator to get our babies...

Cara and I were talking last night about our travel group. They are a good group to be with. we are sad we aren't able to eat many meals with them due to us hanging at the western food side of things due to allergies, but we have managed to connect a few times for breakfasts and of course during travel events.

All our kids are similar ages, and great kids. Jenn and Jeff(the ones in the blog link)brought their 2 girls with them. Fun couple. We have connected a bunch with them, and really enjoy their company. Dave and Wendy brought 3 of their kids(left a younger one at home, so we connect that way) and Dave's mom is also along. Another great couple, They seem to be our breakfast buddies. Wendy knows a bit of the language and Dave is aces with the camera. Great Family! Marina and her friend Kathy round out our Nanchang group(we will connect with a couple other families back in Beijing). Enjoy Marina, we did a number of info exchanges via email prior to coming, she, like me, likes to be armed with info, and it is cool seeing her just engage everything with her best friend who is a great support for her. We are all having a great time, the babies sleep well overall, jet lag is probably the bigger issue for us Canadians to deal with than the concept of the new babies sleep stuff, so that is a real gift.

I seem to gain 30 minutes of total sleep time each night here, up to 6 hours for Wednesday nite Yippee!!!

Weather forecast says couple degrees Celcius, possible precipitation, so mot sure what that means for out outings today.Post again when I am able.

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China Dreams said...

Six hours is not bad! I ended up napping each day too.